Blog Ban

17 08 2007

As I have recently become a blogger I am all for i. I enjoy it because it is another way I can express myself. I can share what interests me and communicate with others who are interested. However I came across this:

“What would you do if your employer pulled you aside and said a new policy was going to be put in place that would ban you from having a personal blog?… (CBC) staff were recently advised to quit blogging about their lives if their blog… Now any CBC employee that wants to have his or her own blog must get their supervisor’s permission, as they are not allowed to identify themselves as a CBC employee, talk about their jobs or express political opinions. Of course, employees are not allowed to blog during work hours and use the company’s bandwidth.”

Blogging Ban




4 responses

17 08 2007
G. Chai

Don’t blog using CBC’s bandwidth and time. No big deal. What’s more important: Working for CBC? Or, blogging? If quitting CBC is not an option, use a pseudonym to blog. Express yourself. Freely.

17 08 2007

Hey G. Chai, Thanks for your response. Yeah I agree you certainly could use a pseudonym to blog. You seem to have a pretty good history of blogging. What made you start and keep blogging?

17 08 2007
G. Chai

Photographs can help bring back memories. I believe diaries (conventional and online) can do the same. This belief prompted me to start blogging. Besides, playing around with open source software is just as fun as blogging is relaxing…more so for one who makes a living developing software.

22 08 2007

Sorry I haven’t responded for awhile I have been busy working on assignments. But thanks so much for sharing your experiences with me.

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