Harty Photos on Imageloop

17 09 2007

I have decided as a fun and quick way to show my photos I will use a slideshow. I found a great site called imageloop where you can add your photos, select options for e.g. slide and funky borders to frame your images. Once your done you can save it and add it to your netvibes, blog, or myspace.


Vote for HartyPhotos on Fuel My Blog

7 09 2007

I have recently joined Fuelmyblog to become apart of the community. Fuel my blog is a site where you can add your blog, create a widget for your blog and by clicking on the widget people can vote for your blog. And you can also win prizes. So if you like HartyPhotos why not vote for it.

Blog Statistics

7 09 2007

Why are blogs so popular? I find blogging a great way to share my interests with others but have you ever wondered if men blog more than women or which age group blogs the most. I have and that’s how I came across this site: Blog survey. I hope you all enjoy and let me know what you think.