Love at first sight on the Subway

21 11 2007

For this post I thought would share what I found out about a guy called Patrick Moberg and how one day he was on the subway and fell in love with a girl. She got off the train before he could talk to her. He couldn’t get her out of his mind so he made a website called hoping to find her again. Finally a friend of hers found out about the site and told the mystery girl – Camille Hayton an Australian intern for BlackBook magazine. They finally met and for more information you can watch the video found on youtube.

Recently I read in the Daily Telegraph that they might make a movie about the couple. I don’t know if the movie is a rumour but personally I think that they should probably work on their relationship before they make a movie. They have only known each other for about a few weeks now. But hey they seem very intriguing and I love the story of how they meet so if a movie did come out I would like to see it.




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