Love at first sight on the Subway

21 11 2007

For this post I thought would share what I found out about a guy called Patrick Moberg and how one day he was on the subway and fell in love with a girl. She got off the train before he could talk to her. He couldn’t get her out of his mind so he made a website called hoping to find her again. Finally a friend of hers found out about the site and told the mystery girl – Camille Hayton an Australian intern for BlackBook magazine. They finally met and for more information you can watch the video found on youtube.

Recently I read in the Daily Telegraph that they might make a movie about the couple. I don’t know if the movie is a rumour but personally I think that they should probably work on their relationship before they make a movie. They have only known each other for about a few weeks now. But hey they seem very intriguing and I love the story of how they meet so if a movie did come out I would like to see it.


How to Get Paid for your Flickr Photos

27 10 2007

How to Get Paid for your Flickr Photos I found this link to a post on the blog photopreneur which is a great site because it has great tips on how to make money from your images. Ideas that I wouldn’t have considered such as selling them on ebay. But the most important message from these posts is to network. Get to know other members on sites such as flickr, redbubble, or zooomr by commenting or joining groups or forums. After all that’s what these sites were meant to do.


10 10 2007


Top 100 Blog is another great weblog directory. I highly suggest joinig a blog directory it’s a great way to get people to view and comment on your blog. Also it’s a good idea to become part of a blogging community to find, search and become aware of other blogs. And the great thing about it is that it’s free to join. Check out my sidebar for more blog directories. Some communities have competitions and forums which is a great way to get people sharing their ideas and thoughts. I found out about outpost from searching through other blogs. So if I find out any more useful directories I will update my sidebar in the future.