How do you like your Morning Coffee?

28 11 2007

Don’t you just hate trying to remember all the sites you want to look at in the morning? I know I do. Even though I keep myself organised with a start page at netvibes, I found another way to organise my tabs. It’s a firefox addon called Morning Coffee.

All I have to do is select the site I want by clicking on the arrow next to the coffee cup in the toolbar and select which day I want to load that webpage or I can choose to see that webpage everyday.

It keeps me organised. Let me know what you think of it.


Britepic and Dabble

8 11 2007

Here’s another great site called Britepic it give you another opportunity to make money from you photos online. All you have to do is join and Britepic gives you royalties when someone clicks on the adds in your photo. Let me know what you think or if anyone who has used it found it helpful.

Also I found another great site for getting your videos out there it’s called Dabble. Kind of similar to youtube but just another opportunity to get your work seen. You can upload your video and communicate with other members. You can also search for other videos and leave comments. Hope you enjoy these links!

How to Get Paid for your Flickr Photos

27 10 2007

How to Get Paid for your Flickr Photos I found this link to a post on the blog photopreneur which is a great site because it has great tips on how to make money from your images. Ideas that I wouldn’t have considered such as selling them on ebay. But the most important message from these posts is to network. Get to know other members on sites such as flickr, redbubble, or zooomr by commenting or joining groups or forums. After all that’s what these sites were meant to do.