Space Invaders

5 08 2007

Geek Chic Jewellery

It seems like space invaders is making a come back, through jewellery that is. I am fascinated by the design and it seems like geek chic is very popular at the moment. There is a change in the way we look at jewellery, from drab to fab.

space invaders


The future is Here

24 07 2007

I am big fan of gadgets and technology. I love to hear about the latest gadget. And now I will share and bit of info. If you love the iphone you are going to love this – microsoft surface.

“Surface is essentially a Windows Vista PC tucked inside a black table base, topped with a 30-inch touchscreen in a clear acrylic frame. Five cameras that can sense nearby objects are mounted beneath the screen. Users can interact with the machine by touching or dragging their fingertips and objects such as paintbrushes across the screen, or by setting real-world items tagged with special barcode labels on top of it.”

Check it out: microsoft surface